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Spark BOX HashTag print station



Our Spark BOX InstaPrint Station is a new generation of Instagram & Twitter Photo Printer which monitor the internet and download specific 'hash tagged' photos to be displayed on the touch screen kiosk. Guests will need to simply take a photo with their own smartphone and post it on Instagram or Twitter, add the hash tag and our stations will automatically display and print the photos.


With our revolutionary new INSTAPRINT technology, guests can take photos at any time or location, for example within the event, backstage, at home or even across the world. The InstaPrint Stations can also monitor photos taken prior to the event. This could be the moments leading up it, a week or even a year in advance.


Simply put, the great thing about InstaPrint are that all the photos will be gathered into one place ready for printing at the event. It's even possible to upload old photos directly from your phone album increasing the variation and creativity of the photo prints.

In addition to our services, the photo & prints can be personalised with your own logo, event details and other graphics. We can even customise the branding of the physical station, software & menus.


Introducing…. InstaPrint Station – Instant gratification.

Print Instagram & Twitter photos right at your event!

Our InstaPrint Stations harness the power of Instagram & Twitter photos, powered by you! Anyone with a smartphone can upload photos using your own unique event #hashtag.

Use our InstaPrint Station to display their photos and allow guests to instantly print them with custom branded templates.

Add custom ads to your slideshows – videos and images for commercial advertising at your event or location.

Where can you use this?


  • Trade shows

  • Conventions

  • Exhibitor Booths

  • Product Launches

  • Mobile Promotions

  • Opening Receptions

  • Weddings

  • Experiential Photo marketing

  • Events of all Sizes




  • Can we customise the Instagram photos when they print?
    • Heck yes. The prints can be completely customised with your own unique design or brand.
  • What size do the photos print?
    • The photos print out as standard 6"×4" prints.

  • Will the SparkBox work if my Instagram account is set to private?
    • No.

    • User accounts need to be set to Public in order to work.

  • Does the SparkBox need the internet to work?
    • Yep.

    • We bring along our own 4G modem. But if we can have the option to use wifi at the venue in case of emergency, that would be wonderful.

    • Obviously, users will need internet on their smartphones in order to use Instagram / Twitter.

  • Can we run a live slideshow of the Instagram photos on a big screen?
    • Can we ever!

    • In fact, we totally recommend it. People love seeing their Instagram photos appear on the big screen in real time. The live Instagram / Twitter slideshow can be completely branded as well.

    • We charge a little extra to set all this up (a bit of black magic involved), and we just need you to provide the projection or TV system.

  • Is there a limit to the number of prints we can do?
    • Users can print unlimited Instagram and Twitter photos as they like, for the time that they have hired the SparkBox. 

  • What if my guest doesn't have Instagram account or mobile phone with data but still want to have photo? 
    •                 We have our own SparkMovers (only camera)  staff to take photos using InstaCamera and upload it on our own Instagram account

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